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Brand Inspiration: What Brands Inspire You and Why

Brand Inspiration: What Brands Inspire You and Why

I was recently doing some competitive shopping in New York City and was in the store STORY. The concept behind the brand is that every 6–8 weeks the “story” changes in the space. While there are countless stores and brands throughout the city, STORY is one that I always end up going to because, quite simply, it inspires me. When I was in the store this past time I came across a book that I caught my attention and really made me think: Do One Thing Every Day to Inspire You.

What a great concept. . . especially in the time we are in right now!

What Does Inspiration Mean?

in·spi·ra·tion: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Brand Inspiration: Finding that One Thing that Inspires Your Customers

Part of my “job” as brand consultant in working with our clients is to help them find that thing about themselves that will inspire their customers to give their brand a try and hopefully become a life long fan. Customers today don’t just want a product, they want a story, a reason, a history behind a brand. They want to be inspired by the brand and feel an emotional connection.

In order to do that brands and brand leaders must first be inspired themselves.

The Importance of Having a Brand Inspiration Concept

As I walked through the STORY store I began to think about this brand inspiration concept and how important it is.

As brand builders and leaders, we must be inspired and have a passion for, what it is that we are trying to inspire others to follow, shop and be a part of. If we as leaders are not inspired. . . how can we expect anyone else to be?

Finding that Nugget of Information that Inspires

Over the past three years as our branding and design agency has worked with all different clients, we have sought to find that “nugget” of information that inspires us. Sometimes it’s a story, a product or a person that we meet while getting to know the brand.

It’s that little bit of information that, gets us excited and from there we just go! We begin to see through all of the “stuff” and we start to see the possibilities. We start to see the potential and it becomes personal because we feel that connection, that pull.

It’s like a light bulb goes off and we get this rush of adrenaline and ideas just start pouring out. When that happens, we know we are hooked and that we can make a difference. When it doesn’t happen, we move on.

Brand Inspiration: Being Open to Receive

As I thought about STORY and about the title of that book I began to think about how important it is for us to both, personally and professionally, allow ourselves to be open to being inspired every day.

With so much information coming at us all the time, it is easy to become overwhelmed and over stimulated to where we don’t allow ourselves the space to do something that inspires us or see something that inspires us. We miss the “moments” or the small “stories” that are right in front of us yet we are too busy to notice.

Slowing Down to Be Present

It’s when we take the time to slow our bodies and our minds down to truly be present and in the moment that we can see what is going on around us and we can create the space in our minds to be inspired.

As a brand consultant living in NYC I find my inspiration out on the streets. There are so many amazing things going on around me all the time and what I try to do every day is to not just ignore it all, but instead to take it in and allow myself to be inspired. This can be as simple as a ride on the subway or a morning run in Central Park.

If we allow our minds to be open to the information, doing something every day that inspires us can be as simple as walking out our front door. It’s all there, it’s just whether or not we are present enough to notice.

Keeping Me on My Toes

Every day I try and do something or see something that is new, different, innovative, cool or just plain crazy! It stimulates my mind and keeps me relevant and on my toes. Most of the time I don’t know how I will use it in my branding firm or where it will lead me, but I know that I need to create the space every day to be open to it.

What are You Doing to Be Inspired Every Day?

So here’s my challenge to anyone and everyone:

  • what are you doing or seeing that inspires you every day?

  • What brand inspires you?

  • What are you doing to be present and not miss the small “moments” or acts that will inspire yourself and others?

Take a moment and think about it.